Thursday, April 17, 2014

Saturday in the City

Hi Fashion is doing a class/club each month called Saturday in the City, using Tula Pink's book "100 Modern Quilt Blocks".  In order to get our sashing fabric free, we must attend 11 of the 12 meetings and complete 10 of the blocks each month.  Well, I've already missed one meeting, so I will need perfect attendance the rest of the year!  We will see how that goes.  But I am off to a good start on my blocks.  I worked on them yesterday and today and completed these first ten.

I am having a great time picking out the fun fabrics!  Of course that is the part that takes the longest too.  Once I got the blocks cut, the piecing hardly took any time at all - for these first ten anyway - I'm sure they'll get more complicated.  I really like quilts where I only have to make ONE of each block.  When each block is different, every one is new and exciting and fun to make versus making 25 of the same block.  I have done that before too - a lot - and it's OK, this is just fun and different, kind of like Dear Jane or the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.

I went through my color tubs and pulled several more fabrics to use in this quilt.  I needed all of the colors of the rainbow.  I think I have a pretty good selection!  Now these are all set aside specifically for working on this quilt.  Below is a small rough draft of the quilt so I will know what colors blocks I need and how many of each color.
I went to Sew Savvy tonight at Hi Fashion and it was fantastic!  If you didn't go tonight, make sure you go Saturday.  A lot of fun ideas and tips.  I'll share some pictures tomorrow :)

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