Monday, May 26, 2014

The Hoffman Challenge

They had a big selection from the Hoffman Challenge at the quilt show in Denver.  I looked for my friend Sherida's purse because I know she won a prize and the purse is "on tour," but I think the challenge is divided into different groups which go to different quilt shows around the country.  I did not see hers in Denver.  I'm pretty sure she had another piece in the show too.  I was very impressed with the challenge quilts this year!  Sometimes they all look pretty similar to me because the makers all have to use the chosen

fabric in a recognizable way and the fabric is usually pretty bold and distinct.  There were some very different and interesting pieces this year though and the following pictures show a sampling.  Above is the clothing, and I always enjoy the dolls too, which were recognized this year for their 5th year in the competition.
According to the show's program, the challenge was started in 1988 and has grown to be a premiere traveling quilt, clothing and doll collection, which is sponsored by Mancuso Show Management.

In the Shade of the Wisteria by Helen Mataev

High Desert Sundown by Ann Petersen
Third Place Pieced

Quiet Charmer by Diane Whittier
Best Hand Workmanship Pieced

Teal Starburst by Janet Massey

Flora Pavo Cristatus by Bryan Pratt

Imperial Rose by Trudie Fay

Butterfly's Delight by Patricia Masterson

Many Moons Away by Gerri Denison

Out For a Walk by Linda Hammond

Striking by Polly Poulin

Follow Your Dream by Kathy Dunham

Shimmer by Rhea Parsons

I Dreamt of Mary Blair by Chris Teague

The Woman in the Hanhaba Obi by Karen Strom-Shikaloff

Kokeshi Dolls by Jo-Ann Evans

Celebration by Alice Means
Honorable Mention Mixed

Spiral Log Cabin Quilt by Linda Helfin

Happy Memorial Day and many thanks to the veterans who have fought for the freedoms that we so enjoy in this great country.  This is indeed a day to honor them.

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