Thursday, June 12, 2014

Black and White and Floral All Over

Last night was the Challenge Reveal for the CO West Quilt Guild.  The theme this year was Black and White and Floral all over.  You had to use a piece of black and white fabric that was in the challenge packet, and you could add black or white fabrics, but any other color had to be floral, or used to make something floral, and there had to be something 3D on the quilt.  Lorraine was in charge of this fun theme and here are the results!
I'm sorry I didn't catch the name of every quilt maker, but I will include the ones I got.

This is Betty's and as you will see - she placed!

This is mine and I will post some better pictures tomorrow and explain how I made it.

I remember the name of this one - The Cat's Pajamas!

This is Mary's and she took first place!

Another cat - this is Edith's.

This is Ginny's.

This is Lynn's and she placed also!

This is Phyllis' and she made me laugh when she said that when she received her black and white fabric of course she thought of troll's hair!  I love the little miniature "quilt show" that the trolls are visiting :)

This is Sharon's and I would love to have her explain the technique she used for the grass.  She also told us that all of her clouds have a "silver lining" :)

This is Michelle's. Unfortunately they hung it upside down!  I will have some better pictures of this one tomorrow too - right side up!

You got to vote for three and I voted for this one, because I loved the colors, Michelle's, because I love the flowers and Sashiko, and Phyllis' because I loved the mini quilt show.

This is also Ginny's.  She made two because she was worried her other one was too big and would be disqualified.
 And the winners are!!



And Mary.  What a fun challenge and a fun evening!!  (Because it's a FUN group :)

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