Saturday, June 21, 2014

Brigham City Quilt Show - Part One

Last weekend we traveled to see family and attend an anniversary party.  I had seen an advertisement in the Utah Quilt Guild newsletter about a quilt show in Brigham City, as part of their Heritage Arts Festival.  The quilt show would be in the courthouse.  Since we were going to be traveling right through there, I mentioned it to Mike, and we made plans to stop for a quick peek!

The quilts were only labeled with numbers so you could vote for your three favorites, so I am not sure who to give credit to here, but there were some fun quilts to see.  I love this quilting related one - a quilt about quilting!

The wool pieces I am pretty sure were made by Sharon Wright, as she was a speaker, teacher and gave a trunk show there.  She does amazing things with wool!  She spoke at our guild a few years back and showed her wonderful work.  I remember back then at least, she dyed her wool using jello! She is a very talented lady.

As we were driving through town in Brigham City, my son-in-law said, "Why are we stopping here?  I thought we were going to Logan?"  My daughter patted his knee and said, "This is what we do.  We're going to a quilt show.  You're being initiated."  I appreciate my family's support and being good sports when I make stops for quilt shows and/or quilt stores!  He was a very good sport too, and to my credit, I only stayed there about a half hour!  That might be a record!

Cute baby quilt.

The quilt above is made of wool!

A lot of work went into this garden quilt!

I sure have a lot of projects I want to get busy and do!  Quilt shows are always inspiring!

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