Sunday, June 1, 2014

Embellishment Class

On Thursday I took an embellishment class from Laura Pedge.  It was great fun!  We are working on this small wall hanging on the right, to learn embellishment techniques for embroidery, beading, as well as silk ribbon embroidery.  This sample is Laura's.  I took a lot of pictures so I could remember what I am supposed to do on mine!  She had the pieces all cut and fused for us so we could just start learning the embellishment techniques without wasting time doing all of the cutting and fusing.

This piece really just "comes to life" with the added embellishments.

I have tried beading before, but not a lot, so I am excited to do a little bit more on this project and get more comfortable with it.

Laura also told us about a new designer, Heather, that she's added to her team.  Heather also dyes her own wool which Laura will be selling.  This table mat is made from Heather's hand dyed wools.

This quilt, Spray of Blossoms, designed and made by Laura, also features Heather's hand dyed wools.

I am still working on my Love Birds table mat too.  This is Laura's.  This gives me two projects to work on when I go to Wool Gatherer's at Hi Fashion this week :)  What is that saying?  "So much to do, so little time...."

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