Monday, June 2, 2014

Saturday in the City

I was able to get my Saturday in the City Tula Pink blocks done this weekend (for this month anyway).  I really like some of them and some I'm not so crazy about.  I even made one twice to try and get it "right".  I am struggling a bit with my fabric choices.  I'm not used to using the bright, bold, big prints.  I am more used to small print fabrics.  With these big prints I am finding that while two fabrics look great together on my cutting table, by the time I get them pieced into the block they may not look so great together anymore.

It will be interesting to see how these all look together sewn into a quilt.

The block on the left is the one I made twice.  I first had the cross in the middle yellow, which didn't show up at all, so I changed it to pink which looks better.  I do notice a mistake in this block though, in the picture that I didn't notice before.  I may be making this block three times!

If anyone has any suggestions about piecing with big prints, PLEASE comment.  I could use the help!

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