Friday, June 13, 2014

Zentangle Wall Hanging

I decided to make a Zentangle wall hanging for the CWQG Challenge this year.  It's black and white and has some 3D flowers, as required.  For the three panels I traced an appliqué pattern by Karen Kay Buckley, but instead of appliquéing it, I Zentangled, or doodled inside the shapes with permanent Pigma markers.  It was very time consuming, but actually quite relaxing.  That is probably why they call it ZENtangle!

I plan now to give this away as a wedding gift and I hope they like it!

I took some better pictures of my friend Michelle's quilt - right side up!  She used a Ricky Tims conversion method for the background and made some beautiful 3D origami flowers by hand.  Also note the yellow Sashiko stitching in the upper left hand corner!

Our sunroom is coming along!  I think we are now at the stage where we'll start to see some big changes!  So far, so good!  Mike's giving it the thumbs up here :)

Not all of the windows are cut out yet....

Stayed tuned to see the awesome birthday/Father's gift I got Mike!  And my Zentangle shoes, which are coming along!

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