Monday, July 28, 2014

Gifts for Baby

While my son and his fiancé were here last week, his fiancé made a baby quilt for her sister who is expecting her second little girl.  This is the first quilt she's ever made!  I thought she did a fantastic job!  At one point she sewed a row on upside down from how she originally planned on sewing it on.  She thought about it briefly, then decided it would bother her too much to leave it that way (because two green squares of the same fabric ended up together), so she ripped the row out, turned it over and re-sewed it back on.  Hmmm.... sound familiar?  I think this girl is a quilter in the making!

She also made a cute little "doll blanket" for this fuzzy little puppy to give to the two year old, who will soon have to share the spotlight with a little sister!

Here is the adorable happy recipient of the puppy :)

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