Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Homemade Gifts

All gifts are fun, but I especially like homemade gifts, perhaps for their uniqueness :)

My friend Pam is always making special gifts for people. She is very talented and does a beautiful job at everything she makes!  She made Jessie a set of napkins with ice appliquéd ice cream cones on them.  They are really cute - complete with an ice cream scoop and some delicious fudge topping (which Jeff will love!)

Another unique gift at the shower was this "Fighting Box".  The girl who brought it said she found one on Etsy and liked the idea but couldn't really afford it so she asked her step father to make one.  He did a beautiful job!  Note the carved "H" and the heart shaped lock on the front.

So the idea behind the Fighting Box apparently is that the couple fills it with love notes to each other.  Whenever they feel like it, they write notes describing something they love and/ or appreciate about their spouse.  Then if or when they ever have a "fight", they pull out their box, which came with a bottle of sparkling cider and drink the cider and read the notes together.  That would dispel any bad feelings!  Cute idea and a beautiful gift.

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