Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sunroom Update

You may be getting tired of looking at pictures of the back of my house but here are a few more "update" pictures!

They got the color coat on the stucco so it actually looks like part of the house now :)

The white doors have yet to be painted - something that will blend in a little better, like the window trims.

A man has been here all week doing the back breaking job of laying the tile.  One of the days he was here was the day they were color coating the stucco outside, so the poor guy was encased in this room with all of the windows covered in plastic.  It was like a sauna out there.  He kept dipping his head in a bucket of water.  Luckily that was only for part of one day, now the windows are all open and Mike put a fan out there to keep the air circulating.  He should finish up the floor today - it's looking great.

A lot more windows to clean!  It's pretty exciting though to see it get near completion!

Speaking of completion - I finished the wedding quilt!  More on that later :)

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