Friday, July 18, 2014

You Learn Something New Everyday!

I went to Quilt Colorado all day Thursday in Longmont, CO.  I took a wonderful color class from Bill Kerr (more on that later) and enjoyed the show and vendor mall.  I saw this quilt, The Donkey, at the show and I had recently seen it in The Quilt Life magazine in an article by Colleen Harvey, the maker of the quilt.  The poem on the front reads:
Donkey, donkey, old and gray,
Open your mouth and gently bray;
Lift your ears and blow your horn,
To wake the world this sleepy morn.
Colleen said she learned this quilt technique in a workshop taught by Barbara Yates Beasley.
If you get a chance to read the article in The Quilt Life - do!  I learned something I did not know before, like:
"In 2012 the Colorado legislature designated pack burro racing as a summer heritage sport in Colorado. And that "Pack burro racing has grown to comprise five events in small Colorado mountain towns, including the 29-mile World Championship Pack Burro Race from FairPlay to Mosquito Pass and back."  I will have to add this to my list of things I want to do or see in Colorado!  They load the burros with packs of prospector's paraphernalia such as pick, shovel etc. and the human team mate runs (or pushes, pulls, drags or even carries) the burro!  The winner is the team whose burro's nose crosses the finish line first.  I had no idea pack burro racing even existed.  See what all you can learn from a quilting magazine?

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