Friday, July 25, 2014


No, not the cake kind of zingers but the eye popping fabric kind!  Phyllis pointed out to me yesterday that we're taught to put zingers in our quilts, so my post about the loud obnoxious guy at the cocktail party was confusing to her.  Just to clarify, what I got from the class is that zingers are good!  We just need to watch the proportion so they don't "take over" the quilt.  This quilt is a good example with the skinny red lines that add a pop of color and draw your eye to them, but are not overbearing :)

I finished my monthly minis for August to give my daughters!  Kind of makes me hungry for some watermelon!  My oldest daughter used to call it "water woman" when she was little :)

In the class this month there were just two of us, but we had a nice time!  It is summer time after all, so we take who we get!

Deena showed us her cat minis that she made, one for herself and one for a friend.  She got the patterns and hangers for these at as well.

I went ahead and ordered a Fourth of July pattern because I feel like my daughters need one in their set.  They can hang those up next year :)

Have a Happy Day!!  Thanks for reading :)

If you look really closely you can see the cat hanger!

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