Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another Baby Quilt Finished

I had enough fabric from the other baby quilt I made to make this one!  I have made this pattern before and I really like it.  It's called Diamond Patch by Pleasant Valley Creations. It's pretty quick, easy and fun to make.  I have enough of this fabric to make yet another baby quilt - but I think I will do that at another time.  It's back to work on those monthly minis, TQS blocks of the month and the modern quilt blocks!

Today I went to Laura's Open Sew and finished an embellishment class I started with her in June.  It's pretty amazing with silk ribbon embroidery and beading.  It was very fun.  When I get mine finished I will post a picture.  Laura said she will be starting a block of the month this next year which will be "the next level up" from what I was doing today.  What?  I thought what we did today was a pretty high level!

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