Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baby Quilts

In my stash I had some fabric that I bought at the Denver Quilt Show a year or so ago, and some fabric that my Mom gave me.  It all went together really well so I pulled out a couple of baby quilt patterns and put these two quilts together this week.  Both patterns are out of magazines and were fairly quick and easy to make, plus they just sewed together nicely, which means the patterns are very well written - added bonus!

The one in the picture below has a little problem though - do you notice?  This quilt sat around for three days and I didn't notice until AFTER I pinned it.  The lower left section is upside down!  That line is supposed to continue across, not make that little jiggly jog.  So this morning I unpinned that portion, unpicked a couple of seams, turned it around and sewed it on right and then re-pinned it.  It looks much better :)  Sometimes you just gotta do it right, even if it's a pain.  Hope your day is going wonderfully well.

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