Friday, August 22, 2014


Here are the cushions we picked for the sunroom. They turned out great.  I love the other fabric as well, but it seemed a little dark for the lightness of the room so we opted for this one instead.  To the person, and you know who you are, who commented and really liked the other fabric. I still have some of the fabric and am planning on making you something out of it :)

I have been working on the TQS blocks of the month (half-size) and what a challenge these have been for July and August!

This one is the Union Square (I still need to appliqué the letter "u" on the right side.)  This block finishes at three inches.  I was pretty hesitant to even tackle it and tried to find another quilt block that starts with the letter "u", but I could only find "Umbrella Sue" and that doesn't really fit with this quilt.  So I decided to paper piece it and it worked!  Those half-square triangle blocks are 1/2 inch!

I paper pieced the Windmill block too, and it wasn't nearly as complicated as the Union Square block.  The only thing I did wrong though, was that I forgot to reverse the pattern when I made the freezer paper foundations, so my windmill is blowing counter clockwise.  I decided I could live with that and did not make these blocks over.

X Marks the Block - I did completely make this block over.  I redrafted the block on graph paper so I could paper piece.  No need to reverse this one because it was symmetrical, but I didn't take into account the small green border and four blue cornerstones surrounding the "x", so my "x" was way too big the first time around (even though it is only three inches!)  I thought about just using it this way and not adding the green border but it bugged me .... so I made both blocks over again.  In the new, correct block, those four paper pieced sections that make up the "x" finish at one inch.  Phew!  Now on to the teeny tiny appliquéd letters!

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