Thursday, August 28, 2014

Machine Embroidery

My friend Pam made this adorable baby quilt using her embroidery machine and the embroidery appliqué technique.  She did such a beautiful job!  Some lucky baby and baby's family are going to love this quilt.  We were talking about how cute the motifs would be on blankets, bibs, or putting the rubber duckies on a baby towel. A LOT of cute gift ideas.
I have never tried machine embroidery.  I'm impressed with all that Pam does with her machine.  It has always looked very complicated to me!  I guess it's just like anything else - practice makes perfect :)
I've been working on my Tula Pink Modern quilt blocks which I will share in the next couple of days.  I've been trying to be extra careful with pressing - doing a little bit of finger pressing first, so as not to distort the seams.  I think it's helping!  I know, it only took me 20 years to learn that....
I am still struggling a bit with picking colors for these blocks.  I like the fabrics I pick out, until I get them cut and sewn into the block - then sometimes - not so much.  I did throw one away this time and started over.  I will share them mañana :)

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