Saturday, August 23, 2014

Raffle Quilts

I went to the Colorado Quilt Council (Colorado's state guild) meeting today in beautiful Palisade.  It was a nice meeting and it was fun to see a lot of friends that I haven't seen for awhile.  There were three raffle quilts on display.  Many guilds make quilts to raffle off to make money to help run their guild, or sometimes for a charitable cause.  It always seems rather ironic to me, to try and sell the chance to win a quilt to a room full of quilters.  Really probably the last thing I need in my house is another quilt! (My husband would probably agree ...)  However these are gorgeous quilts and who could pass up the chance to win one of them for $1?  You cannot even buy a fat quarter for a dollar.  So we support one another's guilds by buying raffle tickets.  I really don't know what I would do though, if I ever won one.
CWQG is in the process of making one to debut at the local quilt show next Spring.  As members we all get 20 tickets to sell.  I usually buy them and put several of my family and
friends names on the tickets stubs.  I usually forget to tell them that I did that though, so I could really have some surprised family members if they ever get a call informing them that they won a quilt :)

The quilt above is being raffled by the S&B Quilters from Hotchkiss, CO and the one to the right is the raffle quilt for CQC - the state guild - this year.  I have a "chance" to win both of these :)

This raffle quilt belongs to the Glenwood Springs guild.  It's called Amish with a Twist!

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