Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bonsai Trees

One more post about the Denver Botanic Gardens!

Check out the roof on this educational building!  Looks like a hexagon quilt!

Since I love miniature quilts, you could probably guess that I love other miniature "things" as well - like these miniature trees!  These were in the Bonsai tree section of the garden and I was amazed at how much they looked like large, mature trees, when in actuality they were only one or two feet tall.

This is truly an art form to be able to do this.  I wonder if it is as difficult, or more so, than making a miniature quilt?

Here is my favorite :)  It looks like something right out of a fairy tale.

They all had signs similar to this one that informed us how long "they had been in training."  Over 30 years for this one pictured above.  Amazing....

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