Friday, September 19, 2014

Inspired By....

This past week, as you can tell by previous posts, I went to Colorado Springs with my hubby for meetings (he had meetings - I just played).  They put us up at the historic Broadmoor Hotel.  I admit I felt a bit like a country bumpkin but I decided to just enjoy it and we had a great time!
I loved looking around the hotel!  They have an extensive collection of western art everywhere, which was fun to look at. The decorations were awesome too, from the curtains to the carpets to the fixtures.  I did not take pictures of everything (or I would have looked like a country bumpkin for sure), but I did take some!

Don't you love this turtle ottoman?

Hotels in general tend to have the coolest carpet.  I see some quilt patterns and design in here!

So, I spent the day doing loads and loads of laundry - I guess the pampering is over ....  for now :)

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