Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Day at the Beach

Sorry I am subjecting you to more vacation photos, but I am sharing them with my family this way too!
We spent at night at our friends' beach cottage in Connecticut and had a wonderful time there.  This community is in the Long Island Sound so they don't get the big huge waves, it's very peaceful, quiet and pretty.  I'm sure it's hopping in the summer time, but there was a lot going on even in October.

Apparently some of the cottages or houses are year round homes, but most of them are summer homes that have to be closed up in November and "tucked in" for the winter.

Check out this nifty device used to get those large boats out of the water!

Where the neighbors gather....

There were American flags everywhere in this community.  That was fun to see.  These houses face the ocean.  The street in the right of the picture runs right along the beach.

Very patriotic place - I loved it!

I guess when they have those big coastal storms we hear about, the water can get high!

Time to get to work!  Have a great day!

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