Monday, October 6, 2014

Angela Walters

I have discovered machine quilter Angela Walters and her tutorials on You Tube.  She quilts on a long arm and I quilt on a regular machine, but that's OK!  You can easily use her ideas on any machine. I love her work so much that I purchased her new book (above) that just came out in September.  It is a wealth of machine quilting ideas for quilting in shapes.  She has a You Tube channel which you can subscribe to as well and watch her tutorials for free.  They are very informative and she really breaks the design down so one can pick it up fairly easily.  One of my favorite of her tutorials is this one - Swirl With a Hook.  At first I couldn't quite get the hang of it, while drawing on paper, but once I started stitching on the machine I finally got it.  Tomorrow I will show you the quilt I finished this weekend using this pattern :) Oh, and you can find more on Angela and read her blog at:

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