Saturday, October 4, 2014

My First POTC Blocks

I have been thinking about the Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) quilt by Lucy Boston ever since my friend Sheila told me about it several months ago.  Yes, I have several other projects I need to be working on.  But, I just kept thinking about it!  I love to do hand work in the evenings while watching TV or just relaxing and I have been doing a lot of hand appliqué, which is fun, but I was kind of wanting to do something different and I felt like this might be just the thing.  So I pulled out my stash of Civil War reproduction fabrics and made a plastic template of the elongated hexagon and started playing with putting the fabrics together.  So here is my report:
1) Picking out the four fabrics for each block - challenging, but fun.
2) Tracing around the template and cutting out the hexagons - let me be honest - not that much fun.
3) Hand piecing the hexagons together - seriously, a ton of fun!
4)  See the end result - very exciting!

I am so excited about this I could sit and do it all day, but I am making myself only work on it in the evenings or on trips or in between appliqué projects.  So it will take awhile to complete because I have 56 blocks to make, but that will make the fun last that much longer!

It is also fun to think of ways to fussy cut the fabric and come up with possibly a secondary design.  The first block I made (top photo) has some fussy cut hexagons.  I went to all the trouble to fussy cut them, them sewed them together wrong which kind of ruined the effect.  I'm still debating about taking that one apart and re-doing it.
In the picture below, my fussy cutting was successful in the four hexagons that form the cross, in making a nice secondary design.
Let the "fun" continue!  I am excited about this quilt.  Thank you Sheila :)

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  1. Beautiful blocks. Can't wait to hear about the process with inklingo. Keep up the good work....Sheila