Thursday, October 30, 2014

Newport, Rhode Island

We spent another day in another seaside town - Newport, Rhode Island.  We did a lot of walking here and thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful New England town.
It was a beautiful Fall day and we happened upon a pumpkin festival AND a seafood festival. Yes...I went to a Seafood Festival!  I do not like seafood, but I found some DELICIOUS Butternut Squash soup with roasted pine nuts - yummy!

A LOT of people were out enjoying the day!

Several bands were playing in different parts of the wharf.

Beautiful flowers and interesting buses - they looked like Trolley Cars.

Yes, they even had interesting carpet at the hotel.

The lamps, dresser and chair at the hotel were unique and interesting too!

I had to get a picture of this little shop across the street from our hotel.  I love the hot pink door.  Even the shingles are interesting!  It's a very happy looking little shop :)

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