Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Here is what I worked on this weekend while listening to the LDS church's General Conference:

Our sunroom has window seats with storage space (extra storage space is always nice, isn't it?)  Since we haven't had little people (children) around our house for a long time, our kids' old toys were being stored up in our hot attic in plastic containers.  I had my husband drag them all down and I sorted through them, then made ten draw string fabric bags - one for the blocks, one for the Duplos, one for the dinosaurs - you get the idea.  Now we can store those toys, in their draw string bags neatly inside the window seats!  And when we have little visitors, the toys are much more accessible than the attic!

I felt very productive :)

It was kind of fun seeing all of the old toys again too.  It brought back fun memories!