Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TQS Block of the Month - September

Today is October 1st and I am all caught up on my TQS block of the month - A to Z With Ewe and Me!  Remember I am making two....

Here are the two blocks I made for September.  Those hour glass blocks are teeny tiny.

After completing September's blocks I was able to sew the entire center sections together.  Here are both of them - they are slightly different, can you tell where?

The center sections measure 23" x 32".  That gives you an idea of how small some of these pieces are.  All of the letters are hand appliquéd.

Here is how it looks on the back.  There are so many seams I am not sure how in the world I am going to quilt this!

You can kind of see my hand appliqué stitches on the back - I use the back basting method.

I just downloaded the pattern for the borders so on we go!

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