Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bonnie Crysdale

Last night I went to an enjoyable meeting of the CO West Quilt Guild.  Our guest speaker was Bonnie Crysdale of Moab, Utah (she used to live in Colorado!)  She talked a bit about her quilting experience and showed us several quilts that she's made.  All of them were wonderful - I was able to take pictures of a few.  She said she likes to do all types of quilting and try many techniques, so you wouldn't look at her quilts and say "Oh, that's a Bonnie Crysdale quilt".  I relate to that!  I like to try many different techniques as well and I pretty much love all fabric, so my quilts all tend to look quite unique from each other too.

This small wall hanging got many oohs and aahs from the crowd.  It is the French Braid quilt pattern made miniature!  She won a first place ribbon for it at the Utah Quilt Fest this year.  Note the little geckos in the border and focus squares.  I was so fascinated with this quilt I took THREE pictures of it :)

Very, nice use of fabric and colors.  I have made three Christmas tree skirts from the French Braid book.  I just may have to try a miniature!

The quilt above was made for her daughter and her daughter's husband, who both had Volkswagons :)

This quilt is all made of 60 degree triangles - similar to a Stack and Whack.

The quilt above was the result of a letter quilt challenge and Bonnie got the letter E.  Nice work!

This quilt used to hang in the Moab quilt shop where Bonnie used to work.

She made this wall hanging to resemble a Navajo Indian rug.

And since we're getting close to Thanksgiving she brought her fabric turkey to show us.  Pretty darn cute!

Great program!  Very interesting and inspiring!

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