Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Design Wall I

I have mentioned before my "Design Floor", but inspired by my friend Lori's Murphy bed design wall I decided to go for it and try one on our Murphy bed.
I bought the design wall material at the Houston Quilt Festival a year ago and just recently asked Mike to attach boards to either end so when I was not using it, or when we needed to use the Murphy bed it could just be rolled up and tucked away on top.
Mike questioned whether it would be too flimsy and move around too much (there are handles behind it which prevent it from lying flush against the bed). I assured him that it would work just fine!
Well... He was right. Since it moves so much, you have to very carefully (and annoyingly) lightly tap the pieces into place and typically this action causes one or more other pieces to fall off when the whole wall starts moving. What was I thinking? And why does my hubby know more about quilting design walls than me?
Well I had to admit I was WRONG, and ask what his original idea was 😒 , which happens to be a very good one and I think it will work much better. It just requires a bit more work on his part. I must say, he was VERY gracious and didn't even say "I told you so." What a great guy! 😊
Anyway, when we get that design wall put together I will post pictures of Design Wall II.
In the meantime I am going to spend time with my family the next few days and enjoy some Thanksgiving dinner! I won't have time to quilt but plan to get right back to it next week, so I'll keep you posted then!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones and count your many blessings! Quilting and quilting friends among them 😃

(This is a baby quilt I am working on for one of my son's friends,expecting their first baby in December.)

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