Monday, November 24, 2014

The Christmas Collection

And last but not least, I have a Christmas collection that I can hang up during the holidays!
Sarajane Goodwin from Washington DC made the pretty blue snowflake in 2005.
Terry Dorman from Wisconsin made the deer postcard in 2005.
Mary Jo Haczewski from Maryland made this wonderful Christmas tree .
And my dear friend Phyllis Davis made this cute little teddy bear in 2005. It arrived in the mail and on the back it says "Arrives with a bear hug, if missing check with mailman." 😄
I love this Santa which was made by Jan (that's all the information I have on this one).
The poinsettia was made by Corinne DuBay from Virginia in 2005.
This wonderful nativity came from Canada and was made by Maggie Robinson in 2005. Maggie and I corresponded by email for quite awhile after the postcard exchange. A very talented lady, it was fun to get to know her!
This beautiful postcard came all the way from Cornwall in the United Kingdom, and was created by Valeri Bennett. I wonder if she is related to Elizabeth Bennett who became Mrs. Darcy? Just kidding....
Well now you've seen my entire postcard collection! It was really fun to do this exchange and I would like to do it again sometime. I think I'll go online and see if I can find one 😊
Have a great day!!

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