Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Fall Collection

Here are a few more postcards.  I decided to group them together by season and/or color and hang them on a skinny wall with a small hanger.  I used pearl cotton to tie them together.

Here is the group I strung together for Fall.  I will try to say who made each one and where it came from if I still have that information on the back of the postcard :)

This one was made by Moira in 2007.

I actually bought this one and am unsure who made it.

This one was made by Linda Lozic.

This one came from Carol Valenta in 2007 from Greenbay, Wisconsin.

This one is from Fabienne Peter-Contesse and it came from Juneau, Alaska in 2006.

This is one I made.

I am having fun looking through all of these again!

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