Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Purple Collection

This is my purple collection of postcards.  I usually hang these up in the Spring since I do not have an official "Spring Collection" :)

This one came all the way from Australia and has a cute Koala Bear stamp on the back.  It was made by Carol Batson of Brisbane in 2006.

This was made by my friend Cathy Stewart in 2005 - right here in my home town.
She is the one who got me interested in the postcard exchange.

Linda Lozic of Oshkosh, Wisconsin made this one in 2007.

Sandy DeLaney from Rockville, Maryland made this one in 2005.

This came all the way from Holland - also with an interesting stamp attached!  It was made by Trees Wolffers in 2005.

Lisa Coulombe made this one in 2005.

Cyndi K. Meier made this in 2005, it came from Roseville, Minnesota.

Another from Australia (Bracken Ridge)!  Made in 2006 by Heather McKenzie.  (It has the same cute Koala stamp :)

Anyone want to start a postcard exchange?

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