Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Design Wall II

I finally made it into my sewing room today after days and days!  It felt NICE to be in there accomplishing something!

I just had to show the updated design wall.  If you remember our first attempt was rather floppy and didn't work well, even though I assured my husband that it would.... So he came up with this idea.  He attached the design wall fabric that I bought in Houston to three pieces of a type of foam board (so I can stick pins in it).  When I'm not using it, it tucks nicely to the side of the murphy bed, and when I am using it - it easily slides out and leans against the wall, giving me a firm surface.  I tried it out today and really like it!

I worked on putting borders on my two TQS block of the month quilts - A to Z with Ewe and Me.  Now a little more appliqué work and they will be ready to quilt.  I will soon have five quilts ready to quilt - you know what I will be doing in the New Year :)

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