Saturday, December 6, 2014

House of Blues Quilting

While in California we went to the House of Blues restaurant in Downtown Disney, not to eat, but to see quilts of course!  My brother had mentioned to me that the House of Blues restaurants display quilts and other types of folk art so one of the employees took us upstairs to see the current display, which happened to be some of the Gee's Bend quilts!  She allowed me to take pictures but said I could only post pictures that didn't show the full quilt so it could not be copied or reproduced in any way. So while I do not usually take photos of quilts with upside down stools in front of them, this was the best way to show you some of what we saw.

The House of Blues website says: "The House of Blues grew out of founder Isaac Tigrett's love for the unique American art form known as the "the Blues". Weaned on this music during his early childhood in Tennessee, one of Isaac's goals was to introduce the world to the music of the rural south, including the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz and Roots-based Rock & Roll. "

The very first House of Blues opened its doors in a converted historical house in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1992 and is home to live music, original folk art, and delta-inspired cuisine. The House of Blues is dedicated to educating and celebrating the history of Southern Culture and African American artistic contributions to music and art."

You can read more about this at and

And you can read more about the Quilts of Gee's Bend at:'s_Bend

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