Thursday, December 25, 2014

Monthly Minis

I can share the last two monthly minis that I made for my daughters now.  I couldn't share them earlier because I wrapped them up for Christmas - but they are done and that completed a year of fun, cute little projects.  This next year I will work on some type of monthly "mini" for my daughter-in-law.

These snowmen were one of my favorites of the year.  I used most of the fabrics that came in the kit this month because I liked them.  I just changed the scarf on the little snowman.  My kids laughed and said they are "tall, skinny snowmen" which fits my kids because they're tall and skinny too :)

The picture above and this one on the left are two different mini quilts.  Can you spot the difference?  (This is like those pictures they sometimes have in magazines that look identical but when you look closer you can see the "ten things that are different"  In this picture there are at least three differences.  Can you find them??

I made a bonus quilt for each daughter too because the July quilt was beach balls, which were cute, but I wanted something 4th of July too.  This one is a little skinnier and a little shorter than the others but it will be a fun patriotic decoration.  There is at least one subtle difference in this quilt on the right and the one below too.  See how good your eyes are :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day!!

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  1. They will love it. That Original unmuñeco snow with the characteristics of movimieto the Casper;)

    greetings :)