Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Quilt I Always Wanted to Make

Betty challenged the CWQG members this year to make or finish a quilt we've always wanted to make. Those who did showed them at the Christmas party last week. I chose to make the Modern Mini quilt this year so I brought that to show. I think we are going to do it again and this year I plan to challenge myself to finish Dear Jane!
Somehow these quilts eventually got the name "bucket list quilts" (the quilt you always wanted to make) First up was Eddy with this fabulous, glowing quilt. It's even more gorgeous in person. I hope she enters it in the quilt show in March. In fact she should enter it in the Denver quilt show as well!
I can't remember whose this was, Lucina maybe? Very pretty!
Pretty sure this is Lorraine's and sorry for the blurry photo. I need to take camera lessons (to quote my son after a whole roll of film was developed into photos of his ear when he was eight years old because he was holding the camera backwards. He did take camera lessons and is a pretty awesome photographer now! So there is hope for me.)
Elaine's. Notice we only had to have the top done, so I may meet the challenge with Dear Jane!
Mary's, another blurry photo but a great quilt!
Marie's, I love the interlocking rings.
And Jenni's, very pretty with the red, black and white.

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