Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Work of Others

My friend Michelle is making these adorable card table play houses for her grandkids.  This is the first one she finished and it turned out SOOOO cute.  I bought the pattern for this in Denver last year and plan to make one someday...  We have the card table!
Michelle is working on number two, which will be dinosaur themed.  (This one is bugs and went to a family with all boys :)  I will ask her for a picture of the dinosaur house when she gets that done.  She said the grandkids went crazy over this one.

My daughter Megan made this cute little owl baby hat.  She said she has patterns for kids and adult sizes too.  This turned out super cute. Crocheting just baffles me but I'm glad there are people who can do it and make these cute things!

I actually made a POTC block yesterday.  I really like them!  I haven't pressed it yet but when I do I will share a picture.

Have a happy day :)

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  1. Those card table playhouses is a fun idea! Megan also did a cute job on the hat!