Friday, December 5, 2014

Wool Gatherers

Check out this beautiful picture of the Salt Lake City temple taken by my daughter.  I think she caught it at just the right time of day, in the right light, and such a neat perspective, and she just took it with her phone!  I think she should frame it!
 Yesterday I went to Wool Gatherer's club.  I just worked on the borders again, for my TQS block of the month, so nothing really to "show" yet.  Lorraine, who will be taking over the Wool Gatherer's club in 2015 is working on this little wall hanging.  I think this is so cute that I bought the patterns and plan to work on this at WGC in 2015.  I like the white linen background fabric she's using - I think I will have to try that!  I have plenty of wool so I shouldn't have to buy any for these projects.  I should have plenty of thread too.  You just make one background and 12 little "scenes" like the snowman (one for each month) - pretty fun!

Club member Becky finished these adorable wool snowmen! This turned out SO cute.  She plans to finish it off as a pillow.  She had a good point when she said that if you plan to give it as a gift, the recipient can put a pillow anywhere, but if you make a wall hanging, they have to find wall space to hang it.  I will have to keep that in mind!

I am not getting enough done this week!  I don't know where the time is going - too many "activities" I guess.  I need to stay home and get something done.  Tonight I went to an event at the Busy Bea quilt store.   It was fun to see what they're up to :)  but .... I didn't get anything done at home ....

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