Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Very Productive Day!

In spite of a persistent headache, today was a very productive day!  I pinned four quilts (don't be too impressed, they were all small enough to be pinned on my cutting table) and cleaned and organized my sewing room.

I now have five quilts - four small and one large - pinned and ready to be quilted.  Guess what I need to get busy doing?

I also made myself a very ambitious to-do list for January.  I used to make a new list every month of what I wanted to accomplish on my projects for that month.  I didn't do it last year because I was barely keeping up on my blocks of the month, but I am going to make these lists again this year, as it helps me stay focused and hopefully I will get some things done!  I think I will dub 2015 as "The Year of Finishing Projects" - rather than the year of starting new ones :)

For those five quilts I even have the bindings pieced, pressed and ready to go!  Now I better get busy quilting!

Hope your weekend is going great :)

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