Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my Mom's 80th birthday!  It was great to spend time with her and my Dad this past week.  She is in an assisted living residence so I have been able to meet a lot of the residents there and have enjoyed getting to know many of them.  My Mom told me that one woman living there is 103 years old.  This week several were sitting around visiting and talking about their birthdays because there were a lot of January birthdays, and someone asked Betty when her birthday is.  She said, "I was born the day the Titanic sank!"  Yep, that will be 103 years ago in April.  Pretty amazing...
The activities director said that many of the residents there do not remember how old they are, but they do remember what year they were born.  My daughter said, "that's because it's an unchanging number that you only have to commit to memory once."
The picture above shows a better view of the shawl Megan crocheted for her grandma :)  She did a beautiful job and my Mom loves it.

And as promised, here are some baby and young child pictures of Megan!  I believe she was four in this picture with her Little Mermaid birthday cake.  I used to do "OK" in the birthday cake decorating department :)

Always smiling :)  Such a happy baby!

Here she is in her unique Megan-style outfit of her own choosing.  I think she wore this red skirt for about a year, with everything, all the time.  I had to wash it while she was sleeping, if I could get her to take it off to go to bed.

She's still happy and smiling!  Though I do think her sense of style has improved :)  And she is a very talented and wonderful daughter.

I love my family!!

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  1. Ah, thanks Mom! I actually think I had pretty good style back then - I should incorporate more color now like I used to.... :-)