Friday, January 9, 2015

Little Bits Show and Tell!

A couple of days ago our Little Bits miniature quilt group met at my house for a lovely afternoon.  I shared a little color workshop using some exercises I learned in a class I took in the summer.  I have a game called Philanthropist which has 4"x6" picture cards of many famous paintings from galleries all over the world.  Using those we studied the use of color in design and I think it ended up being a fun experience.  I need to study those pictures more, for inspiration!

As usual with the Little Bits, we also had an awesome show and tell.  These ladies are talented!

This is June with her "Wild and Free" bed runner.  Very beautiful wild horse fabric with southwest colors.  It is going to hang in a quilt show in March.

A cute Christmas tree wall hanging made by Eleanor.

Revisiting some hotpads made by Annie (top) and Max (bottom)
The bottom one says:  My soul's had enough chicken soup.  It wants some CHOCOLATE.

Scrappy quilt made by June.  The picture below shows a close up of some fabric in the quilt which I loved, because it's a pile of books and I love books!

Max has been super busy making scrap quilts for Comfort Quilts, a part of the guild that provides quilts to shelters and other organizations in need in our community.  These next three pictures are all quilts she is donating!

She is a crocheter and made an afghan and hats to donate as well.  It's amazing all that she gets done :)

Max is also our "bag lady"!  She makes a lot of bags!  Here are three cute little zipper pouches.

And two nice big bags to haul around just about anything :)

Here is one of Sherida's monthly minis - the tall, skinny snowmen!

And Bobbi made this pretty little Christmas tree in similar fashion to those folded ornaments we made last year.

Last night I watched the movie "How to Make an American Quilt".  It was made in 1995 but I had never seen it before.  I liked it!  Maya Angelou played the part of Anna, the master quilter.  At the end of the movie my favorite quote was:
"As Anna says about making a quilt: You have to choose your combination carefully, the right choices will enhance your quilt, the wrong choices choices will dull the colors, hide their original beauty.  There are no rules you can follow, you have to go by instinct, and you have to be brave."

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