Monday, January 12, 2015

Warning: Do not machine quilt with hiccups!

I was trying to machine quilt one of the bigger mini quilts today and I got the hiccups.  It is NOT a good idea to try and machine quilt with hiccups.  I should've stopped and got a drink of water but I was too lazy.  Maybe this can be a new style of machine "hiccup quilting"...
My daughter sent me these pictures the other day.  The first one she sent because she said her coworkers admire her "going to work" gear - laptop cover and lunch tote (both of which I made, so it makes me feel great that she's using them!)
The second picture is of a baby receiving blanket she's working on.  This was part of her Christmas present. She likes to crochet and I found a quilt store that sells these receiving blankets all ready to be crocheted around.  She does a beautiful job.  These receiving blankets are fantastic too.  I had several that my Mom and grandmothers made and used them all the time when my children were babies :)  That was a looooong time ago....

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