Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Little Bit of Show and Tell

Here are a few more show and tell items from my miniature quilt meeting on Wednesday.

Nifty potholders made by Eleanor!

Max finished her wool table runner from a class taught by June.

Beautiful hand work!

Cute Easter Bunny apron made by Leota!

Sherida finished up her Sue Spargo quilt that she's been working on for some time.  More beautiful hand work!  We decided that with Sue Spargo inspired pieces, you finally just have to reach a point where you say "it's done!"  Because you could keep on embellishing!

Bobbi made each of us a trivet on her loom, in colors that she felt suited us.  She gave me a colorful one because of the color class I taught last month.  This is a throw back to my childhood in the 70's!  I used to make these :)

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