Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Today at my miniature quilt group's meeting we celebrated three February birthdays:  Leota's, Eleanor's and Annie's.  We ate delicious food and feasted on birthday cake and ice cream.  Our extra guest of honor was Annie's husband, Al, who is 93 years young.  By the way, we were celebrating Annie's 87th!  They are an amazing couple, and so fun to be around :)

As usual, we had show and tell, so I thought I'd show Annie's work first.  She has really gotten into the back basting hand appliqué and is making each of her four daughters a wall hanging for their birthdays.  Each is hand appliquéd, hand embroidered and hand quilted.  We were discussing framing options at the meeting.  They are an "odd" size so the framing will have to be custom done.  She was encouraged to save those 40% off coupons for Hobby Lobby or Michael's!

Then, she pulled out her Dear Jane blocks!  Like me she is starting to work on it again.  Her notes said we started in March of 2008!  (We began about the same time.)   I find it hard to believe I've been working on that quilt for seven years and am only half way done.  If I wasn't already motivated to finish it, I am now!

Look at her work!  And she's 87!  There is no excuse for me - I need to get busy.

Have a great day birthday girls!!

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