Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ditch Quilting

I have been machine quilting the TQS block of the month quilts: A to Z For Ewe and Me.  There are so many seams and small pieces that it seems to call for a lot of stitching in the ditch, which is my least favorite thing to do when it comes to machine quilting!!
No matter how hard you try to stay "in the ditch", you are at some point going to stray out just a bit, as you can see in this photo where the ecru thread I was stitching with strayed out on the the black sashing fabric.

I used to go back and unpick the quilting every time I strayed and re-quilt it.  That was time consuming and caused more knots on the back of the quilt.

One day I decided to color the stray threads the same color as the fabric to try and blend them in and make them not so obvious.  I keep a range of colors of micron permanent markers just for this cause!

In this case I used black, and you can see in this photo that those ecru threads are MUCH less noticeable, in fact you can hardly see them at all!  Much less time consuming and a lot less knots :)

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