Sunday, February 1, 2015

Downton Abbey Sunday

Thursday I received a call from Heather at Hi Fashion - "Just wanted to let you know that the new Egyptian line of Downton Abbey fabric came in!"  She knew if she called I would come! I had just received my copy of the Season 5 DVDs on Tuesday.  I had to have new fabric to go with it right?  Plus I had a gift certificate to Hi Fashion from my hubby (Christmas present) burning a hole in my pocket :)  So off I went to the fabric store!  I did not buy the whole line, as you can see, but I bought hunks of the pieces I really liked!  You can see the whole line at:
 I did begin to wonder why they did an "Egyptian" line of Downton Abbey fabric.  The story does not take place in Egypt, and I cannot remember them traveling there.  Have they?  I went to the Andover website hoping they would clear up my confusion and have a little blurb there about why they created this particular line, but I couldn't find anything except pictures.

The only thing I can think of that links Downton Abbey to Egypt is the fact that in the real castle, Highclere Castle, where the show is filmed, they discovered Egyptian  artifacts brought back by one of the original owners of the castle.  There is a DVD out called The Secrets of Highclere Castle and they discuss the Egyptian artifacts and show some of them.  That's all I can think of!  Any other ideas?

In the meantime I will go enjoy my new fabric and try to decide what to make with it :)

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