Monday, February 16, 2015

Michelle's Tula Blocks

I had to show off my friend Michelle's Tula Pink Modern Quilt blocks.  I just love her choice of fabrics and the precision pieced perfection of these blocks!  (She took Harriet Hargrave's class - perhaps I should have!)
She had them nicely packaged in bags and I didn't want her to have to remove them so you see a little bit of shine in the photos, but you get a really good idea of how wonderful they are.  I can hardly wait to see her quilt or quilts all finished!
I can hardly wait to start working on mine!

I have been working on Dear Jane blocks which I will show soon.  I'm trying to use some of the precision piecing techniques passed on to me by Michelle from her class with Harriet.  The tips really help - like starching and pressing the fabric before cutting.  The Reliable iron - amazing.  And I really like using the Tailor's block I got from Nancy's Notions.  I'm loving my DJ blocks, but I did have to do one completely over for failure to read the instructions fully before diving in and sewing.  Like not fully reading the clues on the Amazing Race.....

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