Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saturday in the City

I have been busy getting ready for the Zentangle workshop, which is tomorrow, and finishing up the guild's quilt, which I'd like to turn in tomorrow!  And working and doing housework - all of those fun things.
I wanted to do a quick post however and show the wonderful quilts that were shown at our last Saturday in the City meeting at Hi Fashion on Saturday.  My quilt is still a bunch of individual blocks, so I'll have to post a picture of it when I actually have something to show.  I was kind of glad I didn't have the top done though because I got some GREAT design ideas from the ladies who had theirs put together!

I absolutely love this one, and love the simple way she quilted it too - see picture below.  I like the blocks offset and not all in one row.  Creative!

This one is so beautiful with the bright, gorgeous colors.  This one is assembled similar to the one in the book.
Another creative assembly, and on black vs. white.  This quilt is for a tall, skinny guy - much like the men in my family :)

The one below is another on black background.  This woman, BethAnn says she is "not a quilter".  Ha!  I beg to differ....

This woman is making THREE of these sky scraper quilts.  I think she said she made 270 plus blocks!  Wow!  Two are pictured here.  They are for her lucky nieces.

Another very pretty one, much like the one in the book.  I just love these quilts and am so inspired now to get mine put together.  After the workshop and lectures tomorrow :)

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