Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tangling Fun!

Yesterday was the Zentangle presentation/workshop for both guilds that I've been preparing for.  My goal was to introduce everyone who attended to Zentangle Inspired Art, give them a little taste of how fun it is, and then steer them in the right direction for books, supplies and more instruction if it proved to be something they're interested in.  I feel like, and hope that, I was able to accomplish that!

Someone in the workshop shared this picture with me that I found fascinating.  This is a Zentangle piece using black and white fabric to make the tangles, not pen and ink like I've been doing.  I'm guessing you would draw your basic shape design and then fill it in with black and white fabrics backed with fusible.  Satin stitching the edges would give it the look of the "string" lines in a tangle.  Great idea!!

I was so lucky that my hubby had the day off and was able and willing to help me set up the technical stuff!  He showed me how to do it, but it was nice to have the support, both physical and moral, as it was a long day.  (He didn't stay the whole time, he did get some golfing in!)

The workshop in the afternoon was great fun.  It was for a smaller group of 20-25 people, who had signed up because they were definitely interested.

 I invited Alex Davis to help me teach the workshop.  I had taken a class from her over a year ago and she is fantastic at tangling.  Here are some examples of her beautiful Zentangle Inspired Art pieces. You can find out how to purchase these pieces on her Facebook page: Inkblots and Yarn Knots.

I was pleased and amazed at how the group really got into it and seemed to enjoy it and have the desire to do more!  Here is Tracy from Busy Bea Quilt Shop.  She was drawing and doodling away, without looking at any books for inspiration! Very talented :)

The nice thing about Zentangle though is, that you do not need to know how to draw!  You cannot do it "wrong" because there is no right or wrong way.

In these examples of the class' work you can see just how fun it was and how well everyone did!

I hope everyone keeps on doodling and finds inspiration for their quilts and other arts.

Thanks to the guilds for the opportunity to teach!  It was fun!

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