Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A to Z For Ewe and Me

Here are two more quilts I finally finished!  My TQS Block of the Month quilts for 2014.  Mine are half the size of the original pattern so they finished at 33 inches x 43 inches.  I purchased the fabric for the large quilt and decided I had enough to make two, so I made two, then I wondered why I made two, but it was too late to turn back - might as well finish them both!
I thought they would look cute in a baby's room or child's room, so I emailed out pictures to my daughters and nieces and had more responses than I have quilts!  I had to go with first come, first served - so my niece got one and I am saving the other for my daughter-in-law, who also wants one for when they start their family.  So yeah!  Two good homes.
These quilts look pretty identical but they're not exactly.  The letters are all hand appliquéd, the piecing is tiny, the quilting was rather difficult, there are some wool pieces on the quilt (the sheep and the dots in the border and a couple of other places).  They were pretty fun to make and I am glad they're done!   Now look closely and this quilt and then....

Look closely at this one.  There are two fairly easy to spot differences.  Comment or email me if you see them.  Kind of like those "look for the differences in these two pictures" games and you can't find them until someone points them out and then your like "Oh yeah!"  That's the way I am anyway.

Have a great day!!

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