Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I did it!!

I came home from my walk this morning and thought my husband had installed a new lawn ornament in our front yard!  But no, he's real.

Here he is with his honey.  Spring is in the air!

I did not think I was going to be able to reach my goal this month of getting 12 Dear Jane blocks done.  I have just been too busy working on or doing other things.  But I had some time this weekend so I started them anyway and I was able to get 12 finished by yesterday!  Hurray - still on track!

H-10 - Ben's Bowtie - 26 pieces
This one is completely machine pieced.

H-11 - Piercing Rays - 24 pieces

This one is paper pieced in six sections.

H-12 - Hannah Lou's Hearts - 5 pieces

Hand appliquéd using the back basting method.

H-13 - Farm Fields -7 pieces

Machine pieced

 RS 12th from Top - Linda's Church in the Valley - 31 pieces

Paper pieced, using the freezer paper piecing method, in six sections.

RS 13th from Top - Marlene's Pirouette - 23 pieces

Freezer paper pieced.

I-3 - Family Album - 21 pieces

Machine pieced.

I-4 - Stability - 25 pieces

Machine pieced with some hand appliqué using templates in the center block.

I-5 - Maria's Majesty - 6 pieces

Hand appliquéd using the back-basting method.  I should have reverse appliquéd this one, but thought it looked good enough to not do over.

I-6 - Viewer's Choice - 6 pieces

Hand appliquéd using the back-basting method.

I-7 - Mac and Muff - 27 pieces

The center was machine pieced and the borders were paper pieced to get that teeny tiny triangle and then added on.  These blocks will finish at
4 1/2 inches!

 I-8 - Pete's Paintbox - 25 pieces.

This is the only one this month that I had to do over, or I guess I didn't "have" to, but I did.  I chose a directional fabric for the background and that off kilter center square bothered me.  I machine pieced this first attempt.

I decided to paper piece my second attempt.  I really liked the fabrics together so I stuck with the directional background but I think it worked better the second time around.

Well, I have started many things today.  I started my laundry, I started putting Easter decorations up, I started doing work for my job, I started getting ready for the day, I started my diet - again - but I haven't finished anything yet!  I guess I better get busy and go finish something!  Oh on second thought, I DID finish this blog post :)

Have a great day!!

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