Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Next Generation of Quilters

They had a youth category at the SSQ Quilt Show last weekend.  By the way, the name of the quilt show was "Not Your Grandmother's Quilt Show". Here is a picture of Jo, who is the president of SSQ, with her granddaughters standing in front of the village quilts they had made and hung in the show. The youngest asked why the sign said, "Not Your Grandmother's Quilt Show" and her Mom pointed out that in fact this IS Her grandmother's quilt show :)  So cute, and so fun to see the younger generation take up quilting and enjoy creating beautiful things.
The youngest said she sat in Grandma's lap to quilt her piece.

This quilt - Modern Stash, My First Quilt - was made by 10 year old Lane Trehearne.  He said he made this quilt because of a pretzel fabric Grandma got at the guild meeting.  He wanted to use that fabric to make something and it grew into a big quilt!  He even quilted it on his Grandma's long arm quilting machine.

Colorbook Trio by Sean (age 9), Andrew (age 11) and Ashley (age 6) Siefken

Andrew says " We wanted black/white/red on the border.  Sean wanted dinosaurs, fish, lime green and chili pepper.  Ashley wanted the border different. We went through Grandma's stash and picked our own.  Grandma did control the foot pedal.  It was our first time sewing.  We took turns sewing in the ditch.  We helped with the pinning."

I read somewhere that if you want to teach a boy how to sew, you introduce the sewing machine as a power tool :)

I had trouble reading the title on this one, but it was made by Irene Parks, age 12 and the quilter was Bev Hayes.

Happy Stripes by Irene Parks, age 12, quilter Bev Hayes

Ragtime Quilt by Brendon Dalley, age 12

He says he took a class and made the quilt but when it was done his rats chewed it up and he had to re-stitch it!  Got to keep your quilt away from those rats Brendon!

Three of my four children made rag quilts when they were younger.  They are fun to make and so comfy!

My Happy Quilt by Kathryn Parks, age 10.  Quilter Bev Hayes.  She said she chose white squares so her quilt would be different than her sister's (above).  She also said it turned out "prettier than she expected".  Nice job Kathryn!

Nice job to all of these young quilters and kudos to the grandmas, moms and friends who are helping them get started in the art of quilting!!

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